Reasons to join

We are now running rolling membership, which means that your yearly membership lasts for exactly a year from the date you sign up. That means no more part yearly memberships ensuring you get the most out of your subscription fee, so get your friends and family signed up now! A membership form can be downloaded by clicking here or by joining online. Use the link to the left to join online and pay by Credit/Debit card via Paypal.

Clarets Trust now also offer a Life Membership option for Adults with a reduced rate for senior citizens

1. To give your opinion a voice. The Trust has regular contact with the football club and has formed an excellent working relationship. If you let the Trust know then we will endeavour to let the club know.

2. Share ownership. The Trust already has 176 shares and as money is raised by a strong membership more will be bought. The more members, the more shares, the bigger the say. Each and every share will be owned by all the Trust members and as the Trust builds its stake so it will build its standing.

3. To help promote Burnley Football Club within the wider community. The Trust doesn’t just organise events for Burnley fans. Events such as the beer festival, the literacy event and the anti-racism 5-a-side etc… all aim to bring in people who aren’t necessarily Burnley fans. As well as providing other revenue streams that don’t compete for money from the same fans – you – we may just encourage a few more people to get interested in Burnley Football Club.

4. To join with like-minded Trusts to provide supporters with a voice at regional and national level. The Trust also have strong connections with Supporters Direct and you can read about this organisation by clicking the link in the Main menu.

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