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At Clarets Trust we’re constantly hard at work on various campaigns. All of which are campaigns that matter to supporters of Burnley Football Club and the collective family of hard-working, devoted football fans nationwide.

We work closely with organisations such as the National Football Supporters Association (FSA), to make sure we select the right campaigns to get involved in.

Thanks to this relationship with the FSA, we regularly meet with representatives from the Premier League to give Burnley fans a voice on the big stage and to make the things that matter to you a priority at the highest level of our beloved game.

We’re clear about our objectives as a group and will continue working hard on campaigns that can have a meaningful impact on supporters’ lives – to make our lives better as fans of Burnley FC and fans of football.

As always, we put you first, so we welcome your feedback on anything and everything that we’re doing – contact us on info@claretstrust.co.uk to ask any questions or to find out more about any of our ongoing campaigns.

Here’s what we’re currently involved in on your behalf…

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