At Clarets Trust we’re constantly hard at work on various campaigns. All of which are campaigns that matter to supporters of Burnley Football Club and the collective family of hard-working, devoted football fans nationwide.

We work closely with organisations such as the National Football Supporters Association (FSA), to make sure we select the right campaigns to get involved in.

Thanks to this relationship with the FSA, we regularly meet with representatives from the Premier League to give Burnley fans a voice on the big stage and to make the things that matter to you a priority at the highest level of our beloved game.

We’re clear about our objectives as a group and will continue working hard on campaigns that can have a meaningful impact on supporters’ lives – to make our lives better as fans of Burnley FC and fans of football.

As always, we put you first, so we welcome your feedback on anything and everything that we’re doing – contact us on to ask any questions or to find out more about any of our ongoing campaigns.

Here’s what we’re currently involved in on your behalf…

‘Stand up for Choice’ is a campaign that seeks to give fans the right to stand up at games.

According to the EFL, following a study of 33,000 football fans, 94% believe they should have the option to choose between sitting or standing in the stadium.

To back standing being re-introduced at top-flight stadiums, a petition was organised that gathered over 112,000 signatures by June 2018. This forced the Government to take note and consider the viability of introducing rail-protected standing areas.

There’s been trials in the Premier League, namely by Wolverhampton Wanderers that have proved successful. Despite that, the Government stated in an October 2019 report that more safety-related trials were needed before any permanent changes to the current all-seater legislation are considered.

All in all, progress has been quite slow since June 2018, but the fact that there is now Government involvement is something we see as a short-term victory and gives the campaign legs for the future.

For now, it’s important that we continue to monitor progress, continue to support the Stand up for Choice movement, and keep you, the supporters, updated on our progress. With patience, change will happen.

A real bone of contention with fans is away travel. With Premier League clubs in particular it’s very common for fixtures to get scheduled late or re-arranged at the last minute thanks to TV rights and cup draws.

For fans who have booked travel in advance this can pose a number of problems:


  • The cost of changing travel tickets or buying new

  • The complexity of re-arranging time off work or planning football around family life

  • The availability of travel and accommodation on the new dates – if the football clashes with other events in major cities this can become a big issue

We actively lobby with other groups to introduce a fair way for fans to travel at a reasonable price. Ideas include influencing TV companies to have more regard for travelling fans when re-scheduling fixtures late – in terms of both convenience and safety. Or to simply schedule matches for broadcast further in advance.

There is also an idea to tie pre-booked travel tickets to the football. The term ‘Fan Fare’ has been mentioned, meaning that tickets will automatically transfer over to the new date without supporters having to do anything.

To help with this as much as we can we support the FSA’s Away Fans Matter campaign which works with the transport secretary and train companies to drive change.

We’re working with Burnley Football Club and other supporters’ groups to agree fair ticket pricing across the board.

We campaigned for the £30.00 away match price cap and consistently push the Premier League with support from the FSA to keep that cap in place.

In addition to the price cap, we again work jointly with the FSA and other fan groups to standardise ticket pricing bands, including multiple bands across the child, youth and young adult age groups.

This is an important issue for us. Protecting against ticket price hikes makes sure that dedicated and often lifelong fans of football clubs are never priced out of supporting the club they love.

We represent supporters of BFC and members of Clarets Trust at board level within the football club.

Our overarching goals as an organisation are to:

  • Buy shares in Burnley Football Club to promote supporter involvement
  • Give fans a voice through supporter representation
  • Promote Burnley Football Club within the community

In everything we do it all comes back to doing what’s best for you, supporters of Burnley and the wider community.

We work to influence governing bodies on matters that would mean significant change to the lives of supporters like you, such as preventing the recent UEFA proposal to introduce a re-structured European club competition that would have dominated the 3pm kick off times, moving key Premier League fixtures to mid-week.

To do this effectively, we make sure we’re always up to date on all football-related matters worldwide that could impact our members and supporters of Burnley Football Club.

All the above leads us to consider the matchday experience itself.

At every home game we have a representative within the Fan Zone for you to ask questions of and lodge matters for concern.

We then take this feedback and present your views and the needs of all supporters to BFC officials and work with them to improve your matchday experience.

Nothing is off the agenda. Catering, washroom facilities and the general stadium surroundings all are matters for our attention. There’s a lot of factors that come together to make a great matchday experience, so we leave no stone unturned.

An Asset of Community Value protects properties from development under the Localism Act, something we wanted to secure for Turf Moor.

Having this in place protects the stadium in four key areas:

  • Removal of permitted development rights for change of use
  • Material planning consideration
  • Community right to build
  • Compulsory purchase rights


Of course, we don’t expect to have any concerns in these areas but it’s important to have the protection in place should any new investors become involved with The Club.

In 2014 we were successful getting Turf Moor listed as an Asset of Community Value.

In 2019 we were successful again, this time with our renewal application. The Turf will now remain protected for a further five years.

We don’t want what’s happened to Bury to happen again, it’s as simple as that.

Football clubs are what bring towns and people together, they breathe positivity and spirit.

No community should have to go through losing their treasured club because of mismanagement or because of owners not doing what’s right for the long-term health of the football club.

Clubs in Crisis looks at how football clubs manage themselves and will look at ways to help clubs manage themselves in a more sustainable way in the future.

This is a campaign we will continue to back wholeheartedly.

Here at the Clarets Trust, we are fully committed to the FSA’s Sustain The Game campaign which has launched today with the backing of fans groups from across the Country as well as senior politicians and football pundits such as Jamie Carragher.

The Campaign highlights the urgent need for action to secure the very existence of many Clubs.

Read more about the Sustain The Game Campaign Here

We are always looking for new campaigns to back or create ourselves around the issues that matter to you most. We are also involved in a lot of campaigns in the local community that encourage diversity and participation in sport – areas we are proud to support.

Should you wish to get involved and support our work on behalf of Burnley Football Club supporters and football supporters in general up and down the country, you can start to make a difference today.

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Thank you for your support.

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