2023 AGM & Elections Announcement


Notice is hereby given that the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Burnley Supporters Trust Limited (also known as the Clarets Trust) will be held at 7pm on Friday 21st July via a Zoom video conference call, to consider, discuss and if thought fit, pass, the following resolutions or transact the following business:

  1. To receive and adopt the accounts for the 12-month period ending 31st December 2022.
  2. To hold an affirmative ballot regarding elections (assuming hustings are not required). 
  3. To transact any other business. 

The agenda and meeting pack (including a proxy voting form) for the AGM is scheduled to be issued by Friday 30 June 2023. At the bottom of this page, you will find PDF versions of the Election pack – containing all necessary information – and the nomination form – for candidates to complete. Should you have issues, please email claretstrust@gmail.com

Notice of Elections 

There were 4 members of the Board elected at the 2021 AGM. Jane Pike and Terry Hephrun will continue as members of the Board, whilst George Poole was co-opted in the intervening period and will also continue to serve on the Board as Chairman. Andy Tatchell resigned later that year and sadly, Peter Pike passed away in December 2021. Martin Barnes and Nigel Cotterill are the two members of the Board (first elected by the members) who will resign from office. Note that Nigel Cotterill is eligible to stand for re-election should he choose, whereas Martin Barnes has served the maximum number of the years* under the current rules and is therefore not eligible to stand for re-election. 

*Should the AGM adopt the new rules to be proposed then this rule would be deleted thereby enabling Board members to serve for longer periods.

Call for Motions 

In addition to any resolutions that will be put forward by the Trust Board, members can submit their own motions to the AGM. Such a motion must be submitted to the Trust Chairman by email to claretstrust@gmail.com by Friday 16 June 2023 with the subject ‘AGM MOTION PROPOSAL.’ The full agenda is scheduled to be published by 30 June 2023. 

By order of the Board 

Burnley Supporters Trust Limited 

22 May 2023 

Update, 28th June 2023: We have become aware of a technical fault with our payment servers that resulted in members/potential members being unable to renew/pay their fees over the last month. In light of these issues – which have now been resolved – the deadline for nominations in the coming Clarets Trust election has been extended until 9pm BST on Friday 30th June.




2 Responses

  1. Hi George
    I have just come across your note of the recent fans forum meeting with the Board
    which someone put on UTC Beehole.
    As a long standing Trust member and former Board member I am surprised that this was not sent out directly to fellow members and hope that this will be rectified in future.
    I think that it is also well worth mentioning that if people want a fully democratic voice in Club affairs they can do so by joining the Clarets Trust which I think is one of only two fully democratic groups represented on the new Forum- the other being the London Clarets.
    Hope this helps, George.

    1. Good morning John!

      It is really nice to hear from you, I have only heard good things from your time on the Board and I hope you’re doing well! In terms of the FAB update, could I ask if you might be able to check in your spam inbox or alike for emails from the Trust? I say that just because it may well be that they’ve slipped your notice accidentally. After each meeting of the Fan Advisory Board, I have emailed a full written update to all members of the Clarets Trust via Mailchimp. It might be the case that it has fallen into the wrong inbox on your end, but please let me know if not and I will see if you are still on our mailing list, so that I can rectify the problem.

      As to your second point, I wholeheartedly agree and in hindsight, it is something I should outrightly state more often, as it is one of the things we are most proud of. I sit on the Fan Advisory Board with Julian Booth, who is from the London Clarets, and we have spoken at length about building closer ties between the London Clarets and the Trust in lieu of the FAB. Thank you for pointing out the strengths of our two democratic groups, it really is something we should be more vocal about.

      Please do let me know about the emails, you should have also received one this morning about our AGM which takes place on Friday night.


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