Why you should join the Clarets Trust

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Today marks the relaunch of the Clarets Trust following the Covid-19 pandemic, marking the dawn of a new era for the Trust with new aims, a fresh vision, a new logo, a short film, and a new Chairperson. Our core principles will remain the same, but today sees the Clarets Trust embark towards a brighter future. We would love it if you could join us.

But why? Why join the Clarets Trust? Let us give you our perspective.

First things first, at heart, we are simply Fans Representing Fans at Burnley Football Club – that is our mission statement. We seek to do what plenty of supporters trusts up and down the country does, offer the fans’ perspectives to the football club to secure the best way forward for the club we know and love. There are many ways in which we do this – and other ambitions on our check list – but this is the bedrock of the Clarets Trust.

The Trust provides a safe, welcoming space for fans to raise issues affecting supporters, and its Board Members enable constructive dialogue between the club and fans. We also encourage and put forward fan ideas for improvements, creating that grassroots-Board link for fans in a formal forum.

As well as providing fans with this link to the club, we have four key objectives which underpin our constitution.

  1. To empower fans by giving them a voice at the highest [possible] level of the club
  2. To inform fans of the national picture
  3. To inform fans of the latest updates from the club
  4. To commit to promoting and embedding the Trust’s values within the fan community

By joining the Clarets Trust as a paying member, you are helping us to achieve our aims, it is as simple as that. We couldn’t continue without the membership fees that support our events, campaigns and running costs. At the end of the day, every single Board Member of the Clarets Trust is a volunteer – we are a not-for-profit organisation – but membership fees play a vital role in allowing us to carry out our ambitions.

But we are crying out for new Board Members, should a little bit of responsibility take your fancy. Given that all our Board Members are volunteers, time is limited, and every hand is important in what we do. We need more Board Members, to allow us to lighten the burden on each and every one of us. A problem shared is a problem halved – there are simply no limits to what the Clarets Trust could achieve if enough people chipped in!

At the moment, we only have three or four Board Members on hand at any given time to carry out our tasks. This puts enormous strain on those who are available and limits what we can do. Please join us, we are opening out the invitation to our members to apply for Board Membership.

We are truly grateful to everybody who pays to become a member of the Trust, but we are especially grateful to those of you who seek to become a Board Member. Your help is vital, and we encourage every new member to consider applying to the Board, we can say that it truly is a brilliant way to represent and improve the club we know and love.

So, if you want to get involved in any way, no matter how small then please get in touch by contacting us via info@claretstrust.co.uk or claretstrust@gmail.com. By becoming a Board Member, you will be able to meet with the football club on regular occasions and get your voice heard. You will be able to help us massively in achieving our aims. You can shape the future of the Clarets Trust and the future of Burnley Football Club.

Membership rates vary depending on age and length of membership and all funds support the Trust’s activities. Membership is rolling and is automatically renewed each year. Should you have any questions whatsoever that are holding you back, please email us on claretstrust@gmail.com

Once you have joined the Trust as a paying member, if you fancy applying to become a Board Member, simply drop us an email or contact us on social media!

Join us!


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