Bury FC Fans Group (Forever Bury) Launches Appeal to Buy the Shakers

While some fans have since set up a new club, Bury AFC, there are others who are unwilling to give up on the original outfit.

Members of fan group Forever Bury say they have now been given the opportunity to purchase the club and ‘restore it to its former glory’.

They have launched a fundraising appeal and hope to raise a total of £2.5m, which they believe will be enough to buy the club and pay off its creditors.

The sum does not include the purchase of the club’s Gigg Lane stadium.

Jamie Murray, from Forever Bury, said: “We have been working from all different angles to get to this stage. It is all systems go now. We will have everything in place to get football played next season. A lot of fans are saying we are not being clear, but we cannot start throwing figures about because it will jeopardise the deal. We need the football club back.”

Following Bury’s expulsion, a group of fans rallied to form Bury AFC.

The new club, which is sharing the ground of neighbouring Radcliffe FC, joined the North West Counties League and played its first league match earlier this month.

Mr Murray said the formation of Bury AFC had led to ‘a lot of bickering and arguing’.

He added: “We have had to see a lot of people walk away, thinking the only option is watching a brand new team. There are a lot of people who are not and have carried on with the hope that Bury will return one day. It is great what AFC have done, but it is not what the majority of the town want to see. They want Bury FC back at Gigg Lane with all that history. Getting the football club back is the most important thing at this moment.”

For Mr Murray, there is still life in the 135-year institution.

The groups says it cannot do it alone and that it ‘desperately needs the help of the footballing community around the globe’.

“Bury FC is still in existence,” said Mr Murray.

“The heartbeat is still going. People need to get on board and drive this. We have had support from all over.”

If the bid to buy the club proves successful, volunteers hope to secure a spot in the National League next season, although they have not yet given up hope of being awarded their place in the EFL again.

The Shakers became the first club to be thrown out of the Football League since 1992 when they were expelled in August 2019.

To view the fundraiser, click here.


Source: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/bury-fc-fans-group-launches-19105182

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