Supporters & Supporter Groups Flags & Banners

BFC Welcoming Supporters & Supporter Groups Flags & Banners

We’ve heard from BFC that they are looking for flags and banners for the forthcoming home games.

BFC will be welcoming Supporter and Supporters Groups’ flags and banners to be placed in the tiers around the stadium.

The SLO is taking the lead on organising this.

  • Please find below a brief outline of what would need to be considered and done if you would like to see your support displayed in the Stadium.
  • If you want the flag/banner for the first home match then I would need them to be with me by the end of the working day Monday 22 June.
  • You can post the Flags and Banner to the Club FAO Anita Goodenough (preferred due to allowing you to social distance).
  • You can bring the Flags/banners to the stadium to me on Monday 22 June 9-10am or 3-4pm, please note I will need prior notice you will do this in order to manage the numbers and to not encourage groups. I would prefer if you represent several groups/supporters if one person can be allocated to come to the Club. Please do not just bring the items without notice, I’m happy to arrange individual times if I can.
  • Each item MUST have a fire resistance certificate with them or they will not be used in the stadium, please respect this is the final decision of the stadium safety manager, so is not negotiable.
  • I will confirm receipt via email as proof of holding along with a photo of the item.
  • Sizes – we are flexible on the idea will be to create a ‘semi uniform’ display in the upper tiers, so anything too big will detract from this. If there are any very large flags (I’m thinking such as the Community match day experience walk out flag size ) they could be placed independently in another area. We are happy to consider all options!

If you have questions or want to contribute please email Anita on 


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