BFC Fan Wall

Football is back – Be part of it with BFC Fan Wall

On behalf of Burnley Football Club We would like to invite Clarets Trust members to register for a new initiative  – BFC Fan Wall.

This will feature fans from each club for each fixture who will be asked to join a live video call whilst watching their teams match.   Think “Gogglebox for football”, we watch you watching the game and your live reactions (which will be moderated by Premier League Productions – PLP)

A few key points

Fan Wall Overview

  • The football club would need email address and telephone number for the household
  • PLP will contact each fan household
  • Fans will be asked to read and sign a consent form prior to matchday. This will highlight the do’s and don’ts of the fan wall (no swearing, no promotion of brands etc)
  • If the fan breaks and of the rules, they will be removed from the stream
  • The stream will be moderated by PLP staff
  • The fan will need a 
  • device connected to the internet that can use Google Chrome with headphones connected to that device
  • Fans will be required to access the fan wall 60 minutes prior to kick off and stay for the duration of the game
  • The feed will be available to Clubs.
  • We would hope to change fans for each game if time permits us too.
  • Fans to be provided with separate match feed to ensure consistency in reactions
  • PLP and Club to review fan wall after each match round to look to build in new feature or evolve the offering week by week
  • On the day of the match, PLP will hold a test with each fan to ensure the tech is working


Initially for the first 2 matches the club would like to fill 20 places via all supporters groups and supporters board and their contacts.

Would you like to be involved?

Would you like to suggest someone?


If so please register your interest by household with:

Contact name –

Mobile number –

Email Address –

Clarets number of the lead contact –  


Please send your interest to


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