Premier League Network’s Concerns Regarding UEFA Proposals for Restructure of European Competition

The Premier League Network met this month and discussed the proposals being drafted by UEFA to reorganise European footballing competitions from 2024.

There was unanimous agreement among the group that these European Super League plans could pose a great threat to the future of football and its supporters.

Among the concerns expressed were:

  • The changes will reduce the competitiveness of the premier league and widen even further the income gap between clubs; harm the wider game and its solidarity mechanisms by reducing income levels; see European fixtures played in weekend slots; see fans having to pay even more to follow expanded European leagues; relegate FA and League cups to a secondary status; and most concerning of all end the principle that playing in European competitions is something that is secured by merit not selection.
  • The FSF/SD agreed to produce a more detailed paper and campaign approach on this issue that will go its AGM for ratification on 29th June.
  • All of the trusts and football bodies present agreed to work together and with other stakeholders to coordinate activity on this issue and called on Uefa to ensure that supporters are fully engaged in consultation about any changes to the future of the game

 Further communication regarding updates and joint campaigns will be issues in due course

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