Tribute to a True Legend.

At this first premier league game since the death of Jimmy McIlroy the Trust must pay tribute to this true Claret’s great. Those of us fortunate to see him play have no doubt that he was the greatest player in that star studded team of the 50s/60s. He was also a great but modest man who made his home Burnley. He will always be remembered both at the Football Club and in Burnley as a whole.

The game away at Olympiacus was a tough one and we will have had an uphill battle on Thursday in the second leg. Today we meet Manchester United here at Turf Moor in what will be another tough game against one of the Premier League’s great teams. Following our defeat at Fulham we need to be 100% behind our team.

Let us make sure the Clarets have a great roar of support as the twelth man as we fight for our first league win of the season.

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