Burnley FC In The Community Quiz Night

The Clarets Trust was pleased to support BFC in the Community by taking part in the Inaugural Quiz Night.

The team members were Peter Barlow, Steve and Paul Corrigan, Alex Travis, John Trippier and Lee Wilkinson.

There were six rounds – Science, History, Geography, Film and TV, Music and BFC Trivia.

After a strong first half, which put the team in 3rd place, we were undone by the bonus “Face Mash Up” round, which commanded a third of the total points available, and finished in a mid-table position. Barrowford Clarets were the winners.

Can you answer the following questions?:

What unit of measurement is derived from the Latin for heat?

Which of Henry 8th’s wives is buried next to him?

In what USA State is Mount Rushmore?

Who was the first winner of I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here?

What was the Beatles’ last studio album?

Who was Burnley’s 1st England International?

And how many of the 15 faces on page 1 of the MashUp can you identify?

Can you do well enough to make next year’s team!

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