Safe Standing Campaign

The Trust position is no in favour of a move to safe standing, though NOT a return to old terracing.

We believe that it could be possible trial in the David Fishwick Stand and were it to be introduced that standing in other seated areas should not be allowed. Obviously, this would be ok for goals etc, just not for the majority of the time.

Help create England’s rail seat showcase.

After a fantastic launch that saw over £9,000 raised in just one week, the safe standing crowdfunding campaign now needs to maintain its momentum – so, if you want to see safe standing in England & Wales, please do not delay your contribution!

Let’s quickly create this showcase of safe standing in Shrewsbury so MPs see how well it works and approve safe standing for ALL clubs.

All you need to do to play your part is to go to, choose your reward and contribute now. It’s that simple. Then don’t forget to share this with as many people as possilbe and encourage them to do their bit to make safe standing a reality.

This is a critical moment for the national safe standing campaign; making this happen now will significantly bring forward the day when EVERY fan can be offered the choice to sit or stand.

Play your part today and make safe standing happen!

Click here and join over 200 fellow fans who have already done their bit.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Best regards,

Jon Darch

PS: I chose to have my name engraved on one of the 550 rail seats. What reward will you choose?

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