Clarets Trust Statement

The Trust recently carried out a consultation on the issue of standing at football with members. We are also aware of the current safe standing trials at Celtic and other grounds, and that it is a hotly debated issue among many supporters. Our own consultation showed a wide range of views – from no standing at all, to the other extreme where we turned the clock back to as it was in the 1960’s etc.

Realistically the old style standing grounds is not an option.


The Trust have however, after careful consideration, decided that we would be supportive of provision of some safe rail standing areas in Grounds for both home and away fans; on the basis that If fans were given such an option we would then expect NO persistent standing to be allowed in seating areas.

Clearly this would need more thought and discussion, it could – for example – be tried in a section of the Cricket Field Stand.

Peter Pike – Chairman Clarets Trust

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