Where do you stand on match day seating?

The Trust would like to get as many member opinions as possible on the ongoing issue of seating or standing at matches.

Stadia in the top 2 divisions must provide seating for all fans, though it is not necessarily illegal to stand. The Football Supporters Federation site states that:

“It is widely believed that this practice [standing] is illegal. This is not the case, even within Premier League and Championship grounds. The law only provides that these clubs should provide seats for all supporters, not that supporters must sit on them. (See more at: here)

Rail Seating
Rail Seating

However, as pointed out at the same site by one of our members, Andrew Taylor, the standard ground regulations from the football league state that ‘Nobody may stand in any seating area whilst play is in progress. Persistent standing in seated areas whilst play is in progress is strictly forbidden and may result in ejection from the ground’.

The problem is greater for those at away grounds. While some quite clearly want to stand, others want to sit and more to the point, some have to sit for various reasons. Some supporters have decided to stop going to away games, just in case those in front of them won’t sit down.

During a recent meeting with Premier league clubs, our Chairman Peter Pike, reports that there was long discussion on standing and that clubs are aware that it is an issue.

There are pro’s and con’s to both sides and this is an issue that is perhaps not as simple as it sounds.

Please contact us with your views on this matter. Would you like to be able to stand up, or do you want to keep it as it is? Would you want to see standing areas in grounds and those that stand in seating areas to be asked to leave the ground.

What about the enforcement for those that are persistently standing by policing and stewards, should there be a uniform approach?

Any and all views are welcome and encouraged to tim@claretstrust.co.uk

What does safe standing look like? The Football Supporters Federation has put together some information on the various options to accommodate safe standing – click here

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