A Message From Cape Town

I received the Burnley strip today and was really happy for the wonderful generosity from Burnley and to Anthony for the courier service. I’m really sorry I missed you today.

Let me take this opportunity to you and your family a Blessed 2016 filled with good health and happiness. I am truly blessed to have met you and our learners Best Interest have been served by your care and deep sense of community.

I must also say that I have been a true Claret in Cape Town, thrilled by the wonderful form and stunning progress up the Championship ladder. The FA Cup win and beating the Rams was awesome – we need to march on and be back in the Premiership. I hope one day to sit in the stands of Turfmoor and watch the Clarets weave their magic!

The school term has been very hectic and we are still facing many challenges from the Province in the run up to the Appeal to be heard in the Supreme Court. We remain committed and stay in prayer.

Kindly keep our boys and Centre in your prayers

Warm regards always


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