Tribute – Frank Teasdale

On behalf of the Clarets Trust and also in a personal capacity I write to express my deep sadness at the death of a good friend Frank Teasdale at 82. As MP I worked very closely with Frank during his period as Burnley FC Chairman from 1985 to 1998. Whilst he was Chair the club was faced with serious financial problems and was at a very low ebb in its life. Many people who could have helped did not do so as Frank fought to keep the club he loved alive. Often he had to dip into his own pocket to keep things afloat in a very difficult period. Many of the criticisms aimed at him were totally unjustified and I often wanted him to spell out some of the facts – but his loyalty to the club stopped him from doing so!

Even at the difficult times in 1987 and before the start of the revival at Wembley in 1988 he never lost his sense of humour and often said that some of the younger supporters thought his name really was Teasdale out.

He brought the full team to House of Commons for a tour and lunch prior to a London game – something those team members recall now. He also found Barry Kilby to take over the mantle as Chair and continue the clubs revival and climb back up the leagues.

Frank was a true 100% Claret and played a much underestimated role in ensuring the survival of the club.

My sincere sympathy to all his friends and I always regarded him myself as a good friend and a great supporter of Burnley Football Club.

Peter Pike Chair – Clarets Trust

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