Trust 10th AGM

The 10th Clarets Trust Annual General Meeting will take place at 12 noon on Saturday 23rd May 2015 at the Crown – formerly the Keirby Hotel- in Burnley. The meeting will be expected to last about an hour and we may have a guest speaker with past or present connections with the Football Club to follow the formal business. The whole event is not expected to last beyond 2pm. See formal notice of the meeting along with an annual accountancy motion proposed by the Board at bottom of the page.

This year there are three vacancies to be filled on the Clarets Trust Board and new candidates would be most welcome. The Nomination Form is here and can be downloaded for use by prospective candidates.

As you will see, any candidates will need to be nominated and seconded by Trust members whose membership number must also be given. If it is not known it can be obtained by Emailing or by contacting the membership secretary.

Any candidates must submit their nomination form to the independent scrutineer for receipt by 12noon on Friday 1st May and should also submit an election statement. Details of how to do these things are on the nomination form.

Please click on links below to download.

Trust Nomination Form

News Letter Item for AGM

Annual Accountancy Motion

Formal AGM Notice

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