Arsenal Programme Piece


Due to the Easter holidays this article is drafted before the game with SPURS. Clearly all Claret fans will agree it is crucial that we get some points from these two tough games.

This season we have seen the Clarets play some very good football and have had some excellent games. Most of us will probably feel we should already have more points than we have. Unfortunately missed goal chances by us and allowing the odd goals to be scored against the run of play do not secure the results and points we want.

After these two home games the final few games of the season will come round very rapidly and Sean Dyche and all the squad will do all they can to secure that second season in the Premier – there has been no lack of effort and really only a very few disappointing games to date. Our vocal support as fans in these crucial games both home and away can make all the difference – so let us give the team that boost to go for the points we need. WE CAN DO IT AND WE – THE FANS – CAN REALLY HELP TO DO IT.

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