Swansea Programme Piece


We all aware of the massive TV deal done between the Premier and SKY and BT. In theory it could mean as much as £99 million a year to the bottom club and very much higher figure to those at the top of the League.

Will we see enough cash going to the lower levels of the game and to the grassroots?
Do we see enough money used in enabling the young players with the ability from our own country to develop and get to the top to ensure we have a great England team in the years ahead? Or do we see an ever widening gap between the Premier and Championship – and also an ever widening gap within the Premier itself?

We really need to see some of this money used to also ensure the ability of away fans to go to games and indeed ensure that football does not price itself out of the market as a mass supporter game for those on our grounds and not just a TV sport.

The new deal has the danger of encouraging some agents – who have a vested interest – to encourage players to demand ever higher wages and to encourage an ever tightening of the small group of clubs able to attract all the best players – and also reduce the pool of clubs ever able to realistically challenge to win the PREMIER.

THESE ARE ISSUES YOUR TRUST IS IN DISCUSSION ABOUT WITH OTHER PREMIER LEAGUE TRUSTS – Incidentally did you know that over 21% of the shares in our opponents today are owned by their TRUST?

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