West Brom Programme Piece


As this piece is written the transfer window period has not quite come to a close but unless there is a great flurry of action in the closing phase it seems to have been a very quiet transfer window both at Turf Moor and nationally. Do we really think these so called windows benefit the game or are they more of a problem than opportunity?

Most people would probably agree that the Clarets squad could be strengthened but to do so there are at least three key factors. Finding a possible player that really has something to offer and that will fit in with what is a very closely knit and united squad. Also finding an appropriate player at a realistic fee that Burnley can afford. Finally a player that is willing to come in and fit in with the overall pay structure at Turf Moor.

It was good to see Michael Keane secure a permanent place with the squad. Over and above that the reality is we must back our squad under Sean Dyche whether we have additional signings or not. Realistically when we look at other big City teams that are not in the Premier we should be proud of the place we have secured and the football we have delivered – if anything we have deserved more points than we have to date. So let us keep giving that backing to OUR team as we fight to secure our place in the Premier.

Have you tried the ‘Trust the Clarets’ bottled beer yet? It is selling quite well and our brewer Michael tells us we will soon need to do a second brew!

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