Newcastle Programme Piece


It was good to see the ENGLAND WOMENS’ TEAM recently play at Wembley. It was, of course, a pity to see them lose to Germany. For many years the Football Association had banned women virtually from playing and it would have been impossible for such a game to have taken place. Over recent years the game has become very popular with women and it is good to see how times have changed.

Talking of England it was good to see three Burnley players get into the England U21 team for the game against Portugal at Turf Moor. Congratulations to Danny Ings on scoring two goals in that game and also another two in the Clarets first away win of the season at Stoke.

Our backing today to Sean Dyche and all the squad in the game against Newcastle is crucial. Newcastle had an appalling start to the season but since then have had five wins in a row and have zoomed up the table. Let us show what we can do in our fight to remain in the Premier.

Trust the Clarets Beer update – as soon as possible we will be putting information as to where you can buy it on our web site We will also give details on Facebook and Twitter so keep your eyes open.

It will be a good buy for all Clarets fans! IF YOU have a licence and would like to sell the bottled beer – it is a very attractive bottle and a good beer – do contact Michael at Worsthorne Brewery. The beer is in packs of 8 and is very much a locally produced beer.

If you want to join the Trust or pay your subs do look at our website or email or write to Clarets Trust, 30 Deerpark Rd, Burnley, BB!0 4SD.

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