Aston Villa Programme Piece


The Clarets Trust currently holds 167 shares in Burnley Football Club which are held on behalf of all our members. It is only a tiny stake in the Club where the Board Members and their families own about 90% of the total shares issued. That said it does give us a stake in the Club – we also do have a good relationship with the Club and meet them regularly.

IF there are issues you wish us to raise do let us know.

We have discussed issues such as pedestrian safety outside the ground, next year’s season tickets; and the 1882 Lounge pictures for example. These meetings are useful to us all and fit in with the slogan Our Club.

We do want to increase the number of shares we hold and if you have an odd share or so you want to sell to us do let us know – we can only afford a few more just now! I know one or two people are leaving their shares to us in their wills and this is something you may wish to consider to help build up the Trust stake in the Club.

We are prepared to wait for these naturally as we are not seeking the premature death of any Clarets fan! Last year one supporter very kindly donated a number of shares to us which was very much appreciated

We still do not have more details on how you can buy the TRUST THE CLARETS beer – we know many of you are wanting to have a few bottles. We will make details available as soon as possible.

To contact the Trust on any point this can be done by email to peterl.pike@btinternet,com or write to Clarets Trust, 30 Deerpark Rd, BURNLEY, BB10 4SD. Facebook and Twitter.

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