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The Clarets Trust is affiliated to Supporters Direct and they have recently welcomed proposals for a ‘Radical shake-up of football.

Supporters Direct welcomes the announcement of the plans for a shake-up of football governance, centred on Supporters Direct’s objective of ensuring fans have a real role in the ownership and running of their clubs.

The most important element of this proposal is the right for Fit and Proper supporters’ trusts
to appoint and remove up to a quarter of a football club’s board of directors; this signals the
establishment of the formal relationship between supporters’ trusts and their clubs, which has
been sought for many years.

No-one in football denies the special social and community nature of football clubs, yet there
has always been a resistance to measures across the board that would actually increase the
role of those fans in their clubs.

We have seen the success of clubs where ownership has been shared willingly and openly
with supporters’ trusts. Indeed even the most sceptical of those in football have expressed
admiration for this model, not least at Premier League Swansea City.

We also welcome an introduction of a ‘Right to Buy’ of 10% of shares on offer during a
change of ownership. The Trust is supportive of moves in this direction. At Burnley we are fortunate to have a Board on which all the members are true clarets fans – but that may not always be the case.

The Trust does have a good relationship with the Club but whilst we do hold 167 shares they
are of no consequence in any voting position – some 90% of the shares are held by Board Members or their families.

What do you the fans think? Do let us have your views.

The Trust is YOUR TRUST – a democratically elected and organised body of fans.

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