West Ham Programme Piece

You may recall plans a few years ago to add a fixture to the Premier League calendar to be played overseas; it would seem the idea only took a short holiday and is now back on the agenda. It’s an idea in the early stages, and some would say if we’re still in the Premier League if and when it happens we’ll just be thankful to still be there. That may be true to an extent, but shouldn’t we think about it a bit more? Clearly some Premier Clubs are looking at such a scheme as a boost to their income streams – but to the Premier League it may be all about boosting the profile and increasing exposure.

A round of fixtures would be played abroad – so one weekend of games lifted and dropped down scattered over the continent(s) as a 38th game. Imagine if it was a crucial game – deciding relegation for example! Imagine if it was a home game rescheduled for overseas! Imagine if it was in Thailand! Going to that one game could end up costing more than your season ticket – well that would certainly put that cost into a different perspective wouldn’t it?

The Premier Club Trusts have been taking views on this issue and the Clarets Trust has expressed a view against the idea BUT we would be interested in your views on this idea. YOU can contact the Trust via our website www.claretstrust.com or email peterl.pike@btinternet.com or write to the Clarets Trust, 30 Deerpark Rd, Burnley, BB10 4SD.

It was great to see the Clarets score two goals at Leicester and to take another well-deserved point. We also are hoping for good recoveries on the injuries front and we wish the team well in their bid to secure their first win of the season against West Ham.

If you want to join YOUR trust or pay your subs – or indeed contact us on any point use the details given above.

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