Sunderland Match Programme Piece


At the first game, as the cards in the Jimmy McIlroy Stand spelt out the message OUR TURF, it really did underline the designation of Turf Moor as an Asset of Community Value. This proposal was put forward by the Clarets Trust and I am very glad we were able to reach agreement with this idea with the Club.

It is notably the first such ‘asset’ so designated in Burnley and this initial listing lasts for five years. It does not, of course, freeze Turf Moor as it is now and indeed changes are still being made to renew and improve the facilities at our ground.

Since our last game we have gone past the transfer window deadline and seen our overall squad strengthened to meet the challenges we face in this exciting season in the Premier. It really is quite crazy to see the figures being asked for some players and indeed paid in some cases.

When you look at the Premier there are 3 different levels – those at the top with money to spare; a middle level that just comfortably survive, and then a bottom tier that fight to keep in the Premier
and avoid the drop to the Championship.

In 1959/60 when we were Champions those divisions were nowhere near as wide – we were never one of the wealthiest but we could battle out the seasons on a much more level playing field.

Soon the Trust will be announcing another move forward as we will be launching our own bottled beer ‘TRUST THE CLARETS’ – we hope to be able to give details of this within the next few weeks. Money raised will help us to buy more shares in the Club.

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