Turf Moor – An Asset of Community Value

BURNLEY BOROUGH COUNCIL have announced today that Turf Moor has been placed on the local list of Assets of Community Value – the first on the list.

The Council’s announcement is on the Council website and gives details of the submission made by the Trust for this to be considered and then the process followed.

The listing includes the pitch and stands but excludes the car parks. This exclusion was done in the final submission in order to secure the full agreement and backing of the club.

With 173 shares in the Club we are one of the larger shareholders although some 90% of the total shares are held by Board Members and their families. The Trust has every confidence in the Board we are fortunate to have a Board where every member is a 100% Clarets fan.

Turf Moor has been the home of Burnley Football Club since 1883 before the League was even formed. It has importance to the town way beyond just the football club and many great events have taken place there of the 125 years plus since the first game was played their.

This decision underlines the slogan unveiled by fans sitting in the Jimmy McIlroy stand on Monday for our first game this season as the newly promoted team to the Premier OUR TURF – BFC.

Yes indeed OUR TURF not only now but for many years to come.


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