Burnley Derby Win T-shirt

A special moment in our special season has been turned into wearable art by Gabe Cuthbert. “The Impossible Dream” features Danny Ings and his celebration of the winning goal against Blackburn in this specially designed t shirt. It is available online at his web site www.art-of-football.com .

According to his website, which has other iconic moments in football recreated in print, Gabe was fed up of the standard football t-shirt which tends to be “crudely screen printed images” instead he wanted to create a range of shirts that was “made primarily as a piece of art”. As well as various iconic images from the world of football, Gabe is about to release a new England collection “Blood, Sweat and Tears” just in time for the World Cup.

Art of football article
Art of football article

He has received some well deserved national attention including an interview in Four Four Two magazine and at www.worldsoccer.com . The shirts are a limited edition, so if you want to pick one up, be quick, before they are all gone.

Gabe is kindly donating two shirts to the Trust which will be up for grabs to fans, more details to follow.

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